Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Being a YouTube channel and all Lawrie and the LMM team are often asked some common questions, although we are happy to oblige to answering these questions you may get a faster respone below:

I know of someone who is selling a vehicle, does LMM want to purchase it?

Due to limitations with space, time and money we can’t purchase every vehicle out there (as much as we may like). Large vehicles such as locomotives, fire engines, diggers, landmovers, tanks etc. are difficult to store and we have reached capacity for them. Medium sized vehicles such as cars, trucks and tractors may be considered depending on their price, location and condition – however once again space is a limiting factor. Small vehicles such as the dumper or motorcycles are actively being considered.

Ultimately the best thing to do if you have a vehicle for sale is to post it on an advertising website (such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree) and then post a link for it in the #classified-finds channel on the Discord.

However – should you want to GIVE us a vehicle we will do everything in our power to try and accommodate such a generous offer.

I have an interesting vehicle / locomotive, can Lawrie come and review it?

The answer to this is usually most definitely, however please keep geography in mind and so it may not be easy for the team to come and visit immediately.

The best way to register your vehicle / locomotive to be reviewed/featured on the channel is to complete our contact form and choose the relevant subject.

Can I have a ride on one of the LMM vehicles?

As Lawrie is the sole owner of many of the vehicles in The Shed it is at his discretion if this is possible (for example The Dodge is out of action currently due to on-going work).

Another caveat to consider is the request of both the LMM team and the land owner to keep the location of The Shed secret, so any rides would have to happen at a public event such as a vehicle show or a railway.

Right now we are working on the logistics on how to log and register rides.

Where are you guys based?

We try to capture as much natural dialogue on screen as possible, and so over the videos we have given away some hints to our location (such as naming nearby towns or businesses). The LMM team are spread across the counties of Suffolk and Essex, with some additional contributors coming from other parts of the East of England.

The Shed location is kept secret for the safety of both the vehicles, the LMM team and to respect the privacy of the landowner. If you feel that you know of it’s location please do not share this information publicly and please refrain from visiting without an invitation.

I Want to Send / Donate Something to the Team

We are greatly humbled by fans asking to send us things such as their own creations, gifts and tools.

At the moment we are investigating methods of taking delivery of such items, however please do contact us if there is something you think that may be of use as we may be able to arrange collection depending on your location.

If you are wanting to donate a vehicle to the team, please contact us using the Contact Form – but be forewarned that we have to turn down many of these due to space limitations.

I Want to Donate Money for Development of the Channel

In September 2019 we ran a small JustGiving campaign to save a Massey Ferguson loader from being scrapped. We overshot our goal by almost 100% and can see that our fans are willing to part with their hard earned cash to support the goals and dreams of one man (Lawrie) and his vehicles.

Following the warm reception we recieved in this period, we have set up a Patreon account for any spare change you wish to donate to the channel. Patreon allow you to donate in your local currency and you can choose how much you would like to donate, the amount will then be donated on a monthly basis until it ends. We accept any donation possible to help us keep the collection going and projects moving forward, and as a thank-you there are some special content items available to donators such as a podcast, outtakes and other special video content. The Patreon account can be viewed here