Website Technical

The LMM website that you see in front of you is setup using WordPress which allows the varying technical abilities of the team able to use the platform to quickly and easily amend and update content as it is seen fit.

Currently the server is hosted in the UK only as the majority of our traffic is from our homeland.

Almost all of the content you see on this website is served directly from that server, with the exception being that the video content is usually hosted on YouTube. For archive documents these may be hosted on, an online non-profit organization with the goal of archiving everything and making knowledge accessible and free to all.

Images that appear on the LMM website are often taken and produced by the LMM team and are owned by the Lawries Mechanical Marvels team. However there are often parts of this website which will feature images from other sources to which we will attempt to credit copyright when this occurs. A large portion of photographs that are not ours are sourced from the Wikimedia Commons archive.

If you encounter any issues with the website we ask if you can please alert the LMM team via: