LMM Discord!

For the unitiated Discord may be an unknown – so this page is here to help explain what it is, how it works and how LMM use it.

What Is It?

Discord is ultimately at its core a chat platform – similar to AOL Chat Rooms for the more mature fans out there! The software was introduced as a way for gamers to come together and chat during multiplayer games, however it has since evolved into a more general purpose chat platform used by many different communities across the world. If you have used applications such as Slack or Microsoft Teams at your work place, Discord is much the same but a little bit more fun.

How Do LMM Use It?

LMM use Discord as a means for fans to discuss mutual topics surrounding the subject matter of the YouTube channel, however extends further into being a platform for discussing everything else such as technology, video games, projects, food, the weather and more!

LMM team members frequent the chat rooms and find Discord to be the best way to have general conversation. The team may also post exclusive content on the Discord such as outtakes and polls.

How To Use Discord

Firstly you will require our special invite URL – which is here: https://discord.gg/9HZEb9j

You are then taken to the Discord website to where you can sign-up for an account and choose a screenname.

After completing that step you can choose to continue to use the Discord application in a web browser, or download the application for the platform of your choice (of which there are applications for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS).

Once into Discord you can then choose one of the channels along the left-side of the screen. Channels act as rooms for topics such as a channel for video game chat (#gaming) or a channel for locomotive and train chat (#traintalk).

The Discord app is fully featured allowing you to share not only text but URLs, photographs, emojis, GIF’s and small video files.

Discord also allows you to contact individuals on a one-to-one basis which works in the same way as Facebook Messenger.

House Rules for Discord

This really shouldn’t need to be said but we try to ensure that the LMM Discord is a safe and inclusive place to be.

Keep in mind at all times that everyone on the Discord is a real human being, and that LMM attracts fans of all ages, from different cultures and of different interests.

We have a zero tolerance policy to abuse, harrasment or otherwise distasteful behaviour to any participant on the Discord server. If you are found to be causing trouble you will be permenantly removed from the server (banned).

Over time the Discord has become a busy place and so more channels have been created to seperate topics into streams. We encourage fans in the Discord to use the appropriate channel, however we are not in the business of banning someone for posting the wrong content in the wrong channel or if a conversation goes on a tangent.

The last point is please keep contacting the LMM team members directly (“private message”) to a minimum, instead opting to “@” them inside the LMM channels.