I first met Lawrie when he was driving at the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway on New Years Day a few years ago, and afterwards he popped up on my Facebook suggested friends list. I knew the face looked familiar but I couldn’t place where I’d seem him before, until suddenly it hit me. He was the man driving the train! I had been given a Driver Experience on one of my favourite locomotives for Christmas, and thought I’d message Lawrie to see if he could give me any hints or tips on how to get the most out of my day.
Turns out, he was actually quite nice, and we chatted about trains, which ended up in me Volunteering at the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway, and going with Lawrie and his Ruston went it went to open the LWR. I got thrown the camera to film that episode of Lawrie Goes Loco, and have been here ever since, going on adventures to film trains all over the country!


Quick Facts About Ben

Real Name: Benjamin
Birthday: 02/09
Can Usually Be Found in The Shed… Pah, the Shed? I’m just on board for the locomotives!
When Not at The Shed… Model Railways and working on my own classic car.
Favourite Thing to do at The Shed… Immediately leave to drive the Locomotives
Is “Professionally” Trained As… Picture Framer
Favourite Post-Train Day Meal… Pasta
Shed Beverage of Choice… Coca Cola
First Car Owned… 2006 Toyota Yaris Mk2
Current Car(s) Owned… 2006Β Toyota Yaris Mk2 and a 1987 Ford Fiesta Mk2
Most Hated “Feature” on Modern Cars… Power steering
Most Desired “Creature Comfort” on Classic Cars… Manual Choke

Ben’s Vehicle History (Plus One Comment About Ownership)

  • 2016 – Present 2006 Toyota Yaris Mk2 in blue
    It’s terrible. And I hate it. But it’s the daily.
  • 2018 – Present 1987 Ford Fiesta Mk2 in Burgandy red
    I love old Ford’s. The back seats have NEVER been sat in. It might even go on the road one day.Β 

Ben’s Recommended Viewing/Reading Relating to Vehicles


  • Hellblazer Comics


  • Alien
  • Constantine
  • Supernatural
  • Samstrains