Hello I’m Geoffrey, mostly referred to as Geffer’s in the shed and I’ve been questioning Lawrie’s many interesting purchases for a long time.

Several years ago Lawrie turned up outside with a big red fire engine, firstly I was concerned some firefighters had got lost, but it transpired he’d gone and bought it. Every now and then he’d ask for a hand fixing something or other on it (it was the compressor, its always the compressor). Then one day another fire engine turned up but this time not for a visit, it was late in the evening, there was a lot of rattling and pieces hanging off it. Lawrie then asked if he could store his new purchase in the shed, at which I went sure if you can fit it in.

After that I started helping more on his projects and filming his misadventures, firstly for the jayemm on cars channel then when LMM was formed.

My own interests in cars is from a motorsport perspective I used to race karts, (see kart video) have a passion for driving in general. Lawrie also now no longer lets me drive his mr2 as I “accidentally” had the back step out on me when picking it up from a service.


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Quick Facts About Geffers

Real Name: Daniel
Birthday: 14th Sept
Can Usually Found in the Shed… holding a camera, and questioning the choices Lawrie has made so far
When Not in the Shed… Sim racing and tinkering with tech
Favourite Thing to do in the Shed… Mocking Lawrie’s various life choices
Is “Professionally” Trained As… Software Dev
Favourite Post-Shed Meal… Chinese without chips
Shed Beverage of Choice… Cup of tea
First Car Owned… Fiat Punto mk1
Current Car(s) Owned… Polo GTI mk6
Most Hated “Feature” on Modern Cars… None, gimme all the features
Most Desired “Creature Comfort” on Classic Cars…

Geffer’s Vehicle History (Plus One Comment About Ownership)

  • [2008-2013] 1999 Fiat Punto S mk1 (light blue)
    It was cheap, quite slow, but it could carry 5 teenagers or one students worth of stuff. It wasn’t the most reliable the engine was stripped many time due to a common cylinder head fault
  • [2013-2016] 2006 Ford Fiesta Zetec S mk5(facelift)Β  (Black)
    My first Warm Hatch, it may not of been that fast but it was a fun car to drive.Β 
  • [2016-2019]Β  Volkswagen Polo BlueGT mk5 (Black)
    My first brand new car, when looking for this I set out just for something nippier than the fiesta but bit more efficient. Through what must of been a 2 month search I found a new Polo blue GT. It wasn’t trying to be a gti but it had the handling and the extra ommph over the standard models, it was my car made for me, and even if it wasn’t the best polo, it was just a little unique.
  • [2019-Current] 2019 Volkswagen Polo GTI mk6 (Black)
    So they didn’t make a new blue gt, I couldn’t go down to a slower one could I.

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