Heya, I’m Lawrie, and basically it’s my fault you’re here.

After a interesting discussion over a dinner at a stag do, the idea of buying a fire engine was planted somewhere deep inside my mind, and eventually managed to win over the logical part of my brain that this indeed, would be a good idea, and so I kept an eye out on the regular internet sites where bad ideas become reality, and low and behold, a Fire Engine appeared not 15 mins from home. It was too expensive for a punt, but after a cheeky counter offer, the seller revealed he had another fire engine he’s sell for that price. Taking my mechanic friend Lewis we went to look at this big red mistake.

I was sold from when I first saw her.

I was working in film at the time, which is where I met Jayemm on Cars. We both ended up leaving the industry around the same time, and began to work on his channel, and over the first two years I was the principle cameraman, shooting most of the videos and going on many adventures. It was after a very mistaken bid on eBay (that led to accidentally buying the Dodge) that I spoke to an old friend about storing some vehicles in his barn – but only once we’d removed the decades of assorted gubbins from it. Thus The Shed was born, a mecca to all things rusty and broken. All good things must come to an end, and with my ever increasing collection of project vehicles, and an interest very much in the old and forgotten, I took a step away from Jayemm on Cars, and LMM was formed.

From there I’ve managed to somehow convince a lot of very good people to come and get involved with the restoration and general adventures that are related to running a YouTube channel and owning a fleet of broken vehicles. It is the place that dreams are briefly made, before being cruelly snatched away when something else decides to spontaneously fail.

Thanks to you guys joining us on the adventure!

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Quick Facts About Lawrie

Real Name: Lawrie
Birthday: 10th January
Can Usually Found in the Shed… attempting to provide some kind of leadership and direction to the other members of the team – or sitting in one of the seats of the many projects imagining just how good it will be when it finally works!
When Not in the Shed… Volunteering at various railways driving steam and diesel trains and attempting to maintain control of LMM.
Favourite Thing to do in the Shed… Drive a fixed vehicle out of the shed.
Is “Professionally” Trained As… Assistant Director in the film industry, then following purchase of Jupiter, a HGV driver.
Favourite Post-Shed Meal… Chinese and Chips.
Shed Beverage of Choice… Cup of tea – moment of bliss before getting back to trying to make something work.
First Car Owned… Austin Mini Metro
Current Vehicles Owned… 1998 Peugeot 106 look2, 1981 Dennis RS130, 1986 Dodge G13, 1974 Lotus Elite, 1962 Massey Ferguson 35, 1951 Ruston 48, 1994 MR2, 1959 International B275, 1993 MR2 Turbo, 1983 Toyota Celica Supra, 1970ish Liner Dumpertruck, 1974 Massey Ferguson 40.
Most Hated “Feature” on Modern Cars… Silly computer screen display dash.
Most Desired “Creature Comfort” on Classic Cars… Power to the phone or nav so I’ve got some idea where I’m going.

Lawrie’s Vehicle History (Plus One Comment About Ownership)

  • [2007-2008] 1988 Austin Mini Metro in Grey
    Had more rot than Redruth the Dodge, disappeared, presumed scrapped.  
  • [2013-Present] ‘Legacy’ 1998 Peugeot 106 Look 2 1.1 in Blue
    The unkillable daily, and possibility best small car ever. 
  • [2015-Present] ‘Jupiter’ 1981 Dennis RS130 8.8 in Red
    Constant source of stress, annoyance, and disappointment – and one of the best things I’ve ever got!
  • [2016-Present] ‘Redruth’ 1986 Dodge G13 with Mountain Range Bodywork 8.8 in Red
    It’s not that bad… 
  • [2017-2017] ‘Io’ 1991 MR2 2.0 in blue
    I swear that tree came out of nowhere… 
  • [2017-Present] 1974 Lotus Elite 501 … mixed with a Rover SD1 3.5 in Orange
    A very poorly undertaken conversion project, which gets worse the more we look at it. 
  • [2017-Present] ‘Fergie’ 1962 Massey Ferguson 35 2.5 in Red
    I had my eye on this tractor for a decade before finally acquiring it
  • [2017-2018] ‘Luna’ 1983 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 6.8 in White
    Looking after the rolls for a year as the owner didn’t have room for it. Rides like a boat on the road.
  • [2017-Present]  ‘Sir William McApine’ 1951 Ruston 48 in Green
    Completed my lifelong ambition to own a locomotive. Simply the best thing ever.
  • [2017-Present] ‘Frankentwo’ 1994 Toyota MR2 2.0 in Blue
    Went 3 days from loosing one MR2 and getting this. Rebuilt with about 30% Salvaged parts from ‘Io’
  • [2018-Present] ‘Jeb’ 1959 International B275 2.3 in Red
    Recovered from the property next to the shed, becoming my first tractor on the road. 
  • [2019-Present] ‘Turbo’ Toyota 1993 MR2 Turbo 2.0 in Red
    Because what could be better than an MR2? One was a stonking great turbo!
  • [2019-Present] 1983 Toyota Celica Supra 2.7 in Red
    Originally acquired by Jayemm on Cars, which somehow found itself into the shed.
  • [2019-Present] ‘Humpty’ 1970 something Liner 15cwt Roughrider Dumpertruck in Yellow
    Star of the hit video, cost only £25 quid, and should be green. 
  • [2019-Present] ‘Viking’ 1974 Massey Ferguson 40 digger in Yellow
    Saved from Scrap by the LMM community! Go you guys! 


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  • Jayemm on Cars – Where I started as a YouTuber, before making the jump to start LMM!
  • Firefly – Just brilliant