I’ve been dragged to The Shed The Workhouse multiple times a week for almost a year now, after giving Lawrie a lift back from Scotland in a beat up Rover 618. I don’t know where, but somewhere along that journey I got roped into giving up every scrap of my free time to help fix Lawries collection of automotive abortions. This is widely considered to be a very bad move, as “enabler” is one of the very many words people tend to use to describe me. Despite increasing the workload rather considerably, I’m always gonna be there to help push these rotting hulks in the vague direction of what most people would consider a “vehicle”.

My role in the shed can best be considered a “generalist”, if by “generalist” you mean hitting things, sassing Lawrie, cleaning grime and rust, ragging on Lawries vehicles, rebuilding engines, complaining about Lawries cheap Chinese tools, troubleshooting general issues, as well as moaning about Lawries poor life choices. I also like cleaning/detailing (although you wouldn’t know it looking at any of our vehicles) and have a very strong desire to do more work on engine rebuilds, modifications and conversions.

My own obsession for vehicles was sparked at a young age whilst following the WRC, BTCC, old Top Gear and those amazing Clarkson vhs tapes I used to watch on repeat. All this passion decided to go on hiatus (along with my bank balance) whilst I worked a string of minimum wage jobs, where owning my own car was nothing but a lofty dream from a poor busrider. This all changed when I met Trev, who quickly re-ignited my misplaced love for most things internal combustion. Since then my spiral into weird japaneese cars has descended ever deeper, with a wants list to rival even Lawrie and Trevs mighty list of automotive desires.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I can see some spaces left to fill in the shed and it’s high-time we looked at a project which actually moved forwards.

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Quick Facts About Matt

Birthday: 2nd November
Usually Found in the Shed… Cleaning rust, grease and dirt off some excuse for a motor vehicle.
When Not in the Shed… Either : Screaming at computers, painting tiny plastic men, trying to desperately fix my own vehicles, but probably just asleep.
Favourite Thing to do in the Shed… Engine building. And sass.
Is “Professionally” Trained As… Computer psychologist.
Favourite Post-Shed Meal… Chinese.
Shed Beverage of Choice… Coffee, the perfect delicious bean juice.
First ‘Car’ Owned… Yamaha YBR125
Current Car(s) Owned… Toyota MR2 SW20, Suzuki SA310, Toyota Celica T-Sport, ???, ???, ???
Most Hated “Feature” on Modern Cars… 9 Billion Lumen LED Headlights mounted 8ft in the air on a ‘crossover’
Most Desired “Creature Comfort” on Classic Cars… Aux Jack.

Matt’s Vehicle History (Plus One Comment About Ownership)

  • [2013-2018] [’08 Yamaha YBR125 (Silver)]
    Brilliant and indestructible little bike, I abused the hell out of it and daily drove it 55 miles a day come sun, rain and even snow. Survived like a trooper.
  • [2018] [’99 Ford Fiesta (Blue Zetec S)]
    Bought for Β£100, put a load of work in… Failed first MOT on typical ford issues… e.g. there wasn’t any metal left. Never drove on roads.
  • [2018] [’97 Rover 618 “Rhonda” (Silver)]
    The legend, the hero, the car that did it all. Our scrappage rally vehicle for 2018, was ruined (by us) but a fantastic laugh. Gutless as hell though.
  • [2018] [’04 Mazda 3 (Blue sport)]
    Had been remapped when I got it and was rapid as all hell, was rear ended at a zebra crossing and written off…
  • [2018-Current] [’92 Toyota MR2 “Red Mist”(Red)]
    Best thing I’ve ever bought, it’s Β£700 of perfection… Well perfection is generous to say the least especially when it was first bought, but it’s getting there after a large amount of parts and work.
  • [2018-Current] [’83 Suzuki SA310 (Green)]
    Bought as a resto’ project, super rare 80s hatchback with gorgeous digi-dash. Super cool but a little rusty, hopefully it’ll be sorted soon.
  • [2019] [’92 Eunos Roadster (1.6 in white)]
    A Completely rot-free MX5 with a lightly tatty body, was lovely but was involved in an accident with a deer and totalled…
  • [2019-Current] [Toyota Celica Mk7 (Blue T-Sport)]
    This one was a lot of work, and is a motley assembly of 2 celicas now, despite its flaws it’s still a wonderful daily.
  • [2019-Current] [Toyota Starlet EP91 (Glanza rep)]
    Well its not -really- a Glanza, but maybe it’ll be close one day. Ugly, but not that slow surprisingly, this’ll be mega when it’s done…
  • [2019-Current] [???]
  • [2019-Current] [???]

Matt’s Recommended Viewing/Reading Relating to Vehicles


  • Initial D – Weeb credentials, activate!
  • JDM Option – Okay not -reading- per say, but the pictures are cool.
  • Rusty’s Vintage Spirit – Still waiting on issue 2, but this is shaping up to be verryyyyy good.
  • Kavalerchik, Boris – A great book on armoured combat in the east, worth a read if you’re into history.


  • REDLINE (2009 film) – This one you haven’t seen, it’s crazy good fun, honestly if you watch anything on my list, pick this!
  • Mad Max: Fury road – The best Roadtrip movie ever made, but you’ve propbably already seen it.
  • Juicebox (Youtube) – IRISH INTENSIFIES – Great spotlight into the JDM scene of the emerald isle.
  • The Skid Factory (Youtube) – Some of the best builds on the net covered in superb detail.
  • Girls und Panzer – Yes I’m a weeb. Yes I like tanks. Yes this is the perfect wholesome combination.