Hi I am Trev, Lawrie’s resident go to when the electrical gremlins come around (even though I am not trained as an electrician).

I met Lawrie on a scrappage rally in 2018 which took place between Suffolk and the Isle of Skye in Scotland – which is totally as romantic as it sounds. This trip (which was completed with fellow LMM team member Matt and our good friend Dan) was undertaken in a Β£250 1998 Rover 618i which was aptly named Rhonda. Lawrie made the poor decision to introduce himself to myself and Matt who proceeded to badger him with nonsensical talk about weird Japanese cars that no one’s ever heard of and us squealing over 1990s European styling. Well at some point through all of the hysteria Lawrie decided to take pity on this sad man and began to embrace his percuilar tastes and invited him to The Shed.

The Shed, is not a run of the mill slasher horror flick about a wooden box at the end of the garden as it may sound, but is somewhere that I’m sure Lawrie would say that “dreams are made“. I would like to change that to where dreams are realised and where years of ambition and hope from wasted afternoons watching hours of Wheeler Dealers (and it’s many imitators) are dashed in favour of dealing with miles of rusty body panels, engines that don’t want to engine and broken trim pieces all for a final goal of saving something that would otherwise be left to return to which it originally came from.

Although not one of the most common faces at the Shed due to geographical and time commitments, I always try to ensure when I am present I can help push along the progress on one of the many vehicles – getting them ever closer to their prior glory.

See Trev’s Dream Garage Here
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Quick Facts About Trev

Real Name: Dan
Birthday: 13th August
Can Usually Be Found in the Shed… fixing electrical problems, eating from the communal food store, chastising Lawrie on his purchasing habits, getting overly excited about true 1990s chod, minor outburts of terrible dancing
When Not in the Shed… spends his time building card models for his Hot Wheels and Matchbox collection, playing around with old computers, fixing his own vehicles, watching YouTube clips about the chod he loves so much and all that normal stuff (family, TV, music, blah blah blah)
Favourite Thing to do in the Shed… disassembling Lawrie’s cars all while laughing / crying about the previous bodges that the vehicles have been subject to.
Is “Professionally” Trained As… a computer engineer
Favourite Post-Shed Meal… chinese takeaway! Curried mixed-meats because you never really know what you’re gonna get!
Shed Beverage of Choice… anything with lots of sugar in it, or just plain old water.
First Car Owned… 2001 Ford Focus 1.8TDDi Ghia in Black
Current Car(s) Owned… 1998 Nissan Micra GX Automatic
Most Hated “Feature” on Modern Cars… automatic stop-start technology
Most Desired “Creature Comfort” on Classic Cars… air conditioning or electric windows.

Trev’s Car History (Plus One Comment About Ownership)

  • [2015-2017] 2001 Ford Focus 1.8 TDDi Ghia in Black
    My first love, reliable, economical, comfortable and slow as molasses
  • [2017-2018] 2002 Volkswagen Golf 1.8T in “Diamond” Black
    Check engine. Check Engine. Check Engine. Now someone elses problem.
  • [2018-2019] 1998 Toyota Celica ST205 GT-Four
    Expensive to run but a joy to own – taken from me too soon πŸ™
  • [2018-Present] 1998 Nissan Micra GX Automatic (with added Nismo badges)
    My dependable little friend. Looks worse than it is… I think.

Trev’s Recommended Viewing/Reading Relating to Vehicles


  • Any AutoCar magazine published before 2006, what else do you really need?


  • Mighty Car Mods – a core part of reigniting my love for cars following years of prodding computers
  • JuiceBox – a true insight into the world of real JDM fanatics. A beautiful showcase of some serious metal.
  • MotorTrend MotorWeek Retro – a journey down nostalgia street but American style
  • Bad Obsession Motorsport – two extremely skillful guys with some very lofty ambitions, yet they always make it work
  • Wheeler Dealers – making it seem “simple” to restore old shitey cars… if you’re Edd China