Registering Your Vehicle for Review

So the time has come that you wish for your pride and joy to be featured on Lawrie’s Mechanical Marvels. We’d be delighted to have the vehicle on the show however we require the following points to be TRUE to be able to successfully process your request:

  • The vehicle is fully working and road legal
  • The vehicle is fully taxed in the UK
  • The vehicle is fully insured
  • The vehicle carries a valid MOT certificate (unless exempt)
  • The vehicle is owned by yourself and is not a hire / company vehicle

As part of the review process one of the members of the LMM team may drive your vehicle. All LMM team members carry a Drive Other Cars clause in their current insurance policies which allows them to drive vehicles not owned by themselves. If required LMM can arrange additional short-term insurance that allows the team to drive the vehicle.

If you haven’t had your vehicle reviewed by a media team like LMM before please understand the following:

  • A filming location will be chosen that works for both the requestor and the team
  • You can request to be present in the passenger seat while the in-car shots are taking place
  • You may be requested to partake in assisting with recording B-roll footage (usually requiring you to drive your car past our cameramen)
  • We will be attaching action camera’s (such as Go-Pro’s) to your vehicle both inside and out with suction mounts. These are safe to the paint of the vehicle but may leave a slight residue.
  • The day may be long depending on how much footage is required
  • LMM are currently unable to reimburse for use of vehicle
  • Your video may not be produced for many weeks (or a couple of months) after shooting, this is to work with the existing schedule of work