Fergie is Lawrie’s first tractor, a Massey Ferguson 35 built in 1962.

It has the distinction of being in The Shed far longer than anything else. By a factor of at least 20 years. Back when The Shed was part of a working farm, the little tractor worked the land in the hands of the family who own The Shed, and when the farm was sold, the 35 was parked up and forgotten about.

Lawrie had wanted to buy the tractor for over a decade, from the moment he first saw it in the early days of Geffers and his friendship, and finally when the agreement to use The Shed was created, he managed to buy it. It started first time after twenty years as soon as he put a fresh battery on it, which made him exceedingly happy. It’s little 3 cylinder Perkins engine has not yet failedΒ  to start, and it has given Lawrie an exceptional amount of joy.

Following rescuing the International B275 the original, very bodged radiator finally gave up the ghost, and the decision was made to restore the tractor to its former glory. Currently it sits waiting for it’s paintwork to be completed and a new set of rear tyres, as the old ones fell apart when they were removed!

Current Status – In the process of being restored.

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