At LMM, we frequently question what heap of scrap Lawrie has purchased with actual real money, however when he turned up with this little beauty for a pricely Β£25, we all had to admit that we were impressed.

Humpty is a Liner Roughrider Dumpertruck, built in the early 1970’s. It features a Petter single cylinder diesel engine, which generates 7.5 bhp when the engine is turning at 1800 RPM.

It was found in the garden of a house Lawrie was delivering too, and after a quick bit of negotiation, Lawrie managed to load the diminutive little vehicle into the back of the works van and bring it home to The Shed.

The team wasted no time in getting the thing to fire up, and since then it’s been a remarkably useful little tug, whilst the tractors are out of commission. It is effectively a motorised wheelbarrow, and has seen much use helping out our landlords with various bits of yardwork. In the summer it got to go on an adventure to the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway as one of the vehicles on show at their gala.

The machine needs to have a new seat fitted, the bodged skip to be remade, and some attention to the rather vague steering box.

Current Status – Operational.

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