Jeb the Tractor

Jeb is an International B275 Tractor built in 1959 by the agricultural company International.

We know absolutely none of it’s history – other than it came to live under a sheet, half in a bush at the property next to the shed, and Lawrie managed to acquire it, and with Fergie, his Massey 35, went and dragged the machine back to The Shed.

The tractor was swiftly returned to life, serviced, and put back on the road.

However, it really struggled to start, suffered from binding brakes, an overheating issue, and knackered steering, so when it conked out at the side of the road, it got returned to The Shed for the LMM team to investigate what had happened – the short diagnosis was that it requires an engine rebuild.



Current Status – Awaiting mechanical repair.



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