Jupiter is a Dennis RS130 Fire engine.

There are around 33 Dennis RS’s in preservation, but the 130 variant appears to be far more rare (with only four still known to be around) one being the last of Jupiter’s batch, another located in the North of England, and the fourth in far flung country of Cuba.

The 130 refers to the engine, gearbox and pump arrangement. She’s fitted with a Perkins 540 an 8.8 litre V8, which makes the most beautiful noise, a manual gearbox, and a currently unidentified water pump. She holds about three tonnes of water when fully loaded.

Ordered as a batch of three for Norfolk Fire Service, Jupiter was based at Great Yarmouth for most of it’s active life. It was a Norfolk Fire Service thing to have the blue lights staggered on the roof.
She was then sold off into Industrial Service, going to International Flavours and Fragrances at Haverhill, before changing hands again and being used as a firefighting training vehicle.

I then came along and purchased the headache, which was in a rather rundown condition, but being young and not very vehicle savvy I wasn’t aware.

So far, she’s had a new starter, alternator, rescued headlining from an scrapped Essex RS, repaired seats, many lights, her original blue lights reinstalled in the correct staggered position, the air system overhauled, new thermostats, many many gallons of coolant, a pump rebuild, fuel line inspection, and most recently a full service.

. Current Status – Operational

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