The 106

Is the 106 the best car in The Shed? Probably yes.

Having the dubious honour of being owned by Lawrie for the longest time, the little 106 has become one of Lawrie’s most trustworthy friends over the years, and the 106 isn’t going to be going anywhere any time soon. Originally belonging it his Nan, it was presented to Lawrie when she gave up driving due to a diagnosis of dementia, and was one of the last decisions she made before the illness took hold. As a result the car is worth a lot to Lawrie sentimentally – and makes it (at least in Lawrie’s eyes) one of the most important (if not the most important) vehicle in his collection.

From the glorious late 1990s era of hatchbacks this 1998 example the 106 is ultimately rather simple in its construction and is relatively simple to maintain and repair, yet has enough modern features to not make it undesirable for a daily driver. Being fitted with a mighty 1.1 litre inline 4 engine, the car is not by any means fast. However weighing in at around 800kg make this little nugget an entertaining thing to bomb around in. It is rocking some more unusual features, such as power steering, which were not standard to this generation of the car, front fog-lights, and a moonroof.

In more recent years, when the car was being borrowed by Lawrie’s dearest mother, she managed to smash the rear lights. Lawrie thought he would take the opportunity to upgrade the lights to something a little more ‘cool’. They looked good online. They looked good when Lawrie unpacked them.

Yet when he installed them, and took a step back, Lawrie realised he’d ruined the look of the back of the car. The ‘Lexus’ style lights do indeed, not suit the little car at all. In hindsight do they really suit anything at all?

Following this, Lawrie decided that he wanted a rev counter, and so swapped out the dash and the temperature sender from a more “high spec” 106.

As the 106 gains more miles and crosses off another year of service its use is being reduced by the introduction of other daily drivers, however in a pinch the 106 has saved many team members as a reliable shuttle.

Following an eventful trip to Scotland wherein all team members cars suffered a variety of issues, it was agreed that the 106 needs further work to keep it on the road.

Current Status – Under repair




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