The Celica Supra

The Celica Supra was a gift of sorts from fellow long-time LMM collaborator JayEmm on Cars.

The Celica Supra comes from a time where the Supra marque was more of a trim-level than the popular model it would later become (thanks to one certain movie franchise).

The Celica Supra (sometimes just referred to as being the Supra) is honestly a bit of a basket case of issues. With a troubled past (as confirmed by its MOT history) the vehicle has been subject to a serious case of tin worm (read rust) that affects most of the vehicle both chassis and body. Unsurprisingly when we recieved the vehicle it was horrendously damp inside, likely due to the failing electric sunroof.

Due to the rarity of this model on UK roads, finding replacement body panels is not the easiest and now that the vehicle has decided that it no longer wants to run it has fallen quite considerably down the ladder of priority and ultimately out of favour with many of the team (so much that team member Trev considers the car cursed).

Current Status – We don’t intend to remove the car from the roster, and are keeping it for a rainy day when we have other vehicles in an operational state.

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