The Dodge (Redruth)

The Dodge, also known as Redruth a name given to this hulking beast of a vehicle in memory of where it was rescued from.

The collection of Redruth is one of the earliest recorded videos featuring our namesake Lawrie wherein long-time friend, collaborator and fellow YouTuber JayEmm on Cars accompanies Lawrie on his journey across country to collect the giant – and bring it back to its final resting place in The Shed.

Since returning to The Shed the Dodge has remained firmly in place due to having a good amount of rot in the cabin area causing it to be not safe for the road.

Due to the rarity of the Dodge cab (considering it is a tipped cab) the team are looking at ways of fabricating as much as possible to keep the old girl on the road and in service.

Current Status – Under full Overhaul

Photo Gallery