The MR2

The MR2 (sometimes referred to as FrankentwoΒ due to its Frankenstein esque appearance) is a SW20 Rev 3 model, and arrived three days after the first MR2 had an unfortunate, unscheduled meeting with a tree.

It was missing most of the interior, and what remained was rather tasteless and battered, it had no alternator, an exhaust that made Matt’s MR2 trumpet system sound quiet, and a door with as much rot as the Dodge.

What followed over the next few months was an extensive rebuild using the old car as a donor, making my ‘new’ car feel very much like the ‘old’. It’s very much a work in progress, but is one of Lawrie’s all time great cars, which he never fails to take out for a drive.

The MR-2 has its exhaust its rebuilt so it sounds healthier, however it needs a considerable amount of body repair to become roadworthy once again.

Current Status – Awaiting repair

Photo Gallery

(N.B. Includes pictures of ‘lo’ the first MR2 Lawrie owned)