The Turbo MR2

The Turbo MR2 is Lawrie’s third MR2. Because good things come in three’s?

Much like the other MR2 this car is a mid-engined, rear wheel drive sports car from what some may consider the golden era of Toyota. This vehicle is slightly special in that it is a Japanese import and has the more powerful 3SGTE engine, which to the lay-man means TURBO CHARGER!

Comparing the MR2’s side by side the Turbo is without a doubt one of the cleaner examples in The Shed. The main point of contention is the lack of a front windshield in the vehicle – missing not because of another fateful encounter with a solid object, but that it was delivered like that. The Turbo MR2 has also had extensive body repair, mainly to the roof however its bright red paint still shines brightly in the dim light of The Shed.

As of 2021 the MR-2 is currently being prepared for a respray and to have its windshield replaced, after which it will once again return to the road!

Current Status – Awaiting repaint

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