Trev’s Dream Garage

Here is Trev’s ultimate vehicle garage.

Super and Hyper Cars

The ultimate in speed, aerodynamics and all that technical stuff!

Rally and Touring Cars

Yep genuine rally cars full spec with a specific livery.

Sports Cars

Faster and sleeker than your normal saloon or hatchback, but nothing crazy. No super/hyper cars here.

Luxury Sport Saloons

Why not get there quickly and in comfort!

Luxury Saloons

Section for everything plush and lovely. It’s not about getting there fast, it’s about getting there comfortably.

Convertibles and Cabriolets

Wind in your hair, classic rock on the radio.


Look sporty but are usually not very fast.

Sporty Saloons

It’s like your family car but fast! (sometimes)

Sporty Hatchbacks

The affordable speed that so many of us bought into in our younger days.

SUVs and Trucks

MPVs and Minivans

If ever I end up with offspring, these are the school run wagons of choice.

Estates and Wagons

Section for them “long bois”. Estates aren’t very cool anymore but I think they are super rad.

Saloons and Sedans

The traditional car shape and format.



Kei Cars and City Cars (Sub 1100cc)

This section is dedicated to the smallest cars available. All cars here must fit into the Japanese “Kei Car” category (any generation) or have an engine smaller than 1,100 cc.


Section for all vans of all sizes.

Concept Cars

These ones don’t exist unfortunately but if they did…

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